Sunday, January 31, 2010

Michele Dangelo @LBGE

During the month of February, the Left Bank Gallery Essex will feature the work of painter Michele Dangelo. Dangelo’s work is both evocative and atmospheric, eliciting an emotional response from the viewer without creating any sense of narrative. Dangelo focuses on ordinary objects – houses, dresses, boats – and places them within a landscape devoid of place and time. Highlighting form, space, color, and texture, the seemingly simple objects are placed skillfully on the canvas elevating them to iconic status. The artist’s handling and mark making enhance the complexity of her use of color and contrast. Dangelo’s imagery creates a sense of calm, reserved energy and isolation whist also stimulating the viewer to recall memories or dreamscapes. Dangelo says that she is, “challenged by the notions of free expression and a distinct hand to create work that has more to do with the viewer’s perception than my intention.” An Artist Reception will be held Saturday, February 13th from 4-6pm.

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