Sunday, December 26, 2010

definition time: encaustic

Encaustic is a beeswax-based paint mixed with pigment and kept molten while painting. The word encaustic comes from the Greek meaning to "burn in" which refers to the process of fusing the paint. This type of painting was used in the 5th century B.C. for weathering boats and coloring marble. Encaustic is the most durable of the artist's paints because the beeswax is impervious to moisture. As a result, it will not deteriorate, yellow or darken and it can be polished to a high gloss for a brilliant surface. The beauty and the difficultly in the paint is found in its immediate drying time. Because it cools immediately, the gesture and brush strokes are captured. "Encaustic" was first made popular in the contemporary art world by the famous, American, pop artist, Jasper Johns.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Shape / Space : New Work by Lois Weingarten

Left Bank Gallery Essex, LLC presents “Shape/Space : New Work by Lois Weingarten” featuring a series of womanly figures and urban environments derived from the artist’s imagination and her exaggerated memories of reality. This new exhibition includes a selection of paintings and works on paper that articulate Weingarten’s gestural and graphic painting style. The artist’s interest lays in the creation of shapes and spaces via her use and application of bold color, thick line, and a loose and organic sense of movement. Weingarten’s exhibition will inspire interest in both her subject matter and her technique. The artist says that she interprets, “the interplay of line, shape and space,” in order to create, “depth, motion, mood, and illusion.”

“Shape/Space : New Work by Lois Weingarten” will be on view at Left Bank Gallery Essex from Thursday, January 6th through Sunday, February 6th, 2011.

Meet the artist at the opening reception on Sunday, January 16th from 2-4pm. .

Lois Weingarten : The Kiss

Lois Weingarten : Multicolored Doors

Lois Weingarten : Fruit Bowl


Monday, December 20, 2010

Jewelry by Tracye Chin Mueller, Beth Crowell, Heather Wang and Susan Roberts

Come by and browse our diverse collection of jewelry made by talented designers!

Tracye Chin Mueller: Argentium and Sterling Silver Bracelet $159; Argentium Silver Earrings $52; Fine and Sterling Silver Earrings with Pearls $49

Beth Crowell: Bracelet $125; Rings $40 each; Cufflinks $40

Heather Wang: Fine and Sterling Silver and White Enamel Necklace $160; Fine and Sterling Silver and Blue Enamel Necklace $120; Copper, Sterling Silver and Enamel Earrings $80; Sterling Silver Earrings $50

Susan Roberts: Yellow Chalcedony Necklace $120; Gold Topaz and Smokey Quartz Necklace $210

New Paintings by Donna Zieky

Golden Beach XIII, acrylic on glass, 8x10 in, $125

Come see Donna Zieky's new paintings in which she depicts the natural world. Using vibrant color and impasto, she describes both the rolling waves of the ocean and the flutter of delicate butterfly wings.

Three Blue, acrylic on glass, 5x5 in, $65

Monday, December 13, 2010

Stop By and Finish Your Christmas Shopping!

Clouds, Oil, 8x36 in, Kim Bossi-Hertweck, $495

Choose from a wide selection of artwork, including new paintings by Pam Carlson, Samantha Listorti, Bruce Bickford, Patricia Corbett, Gigi Genovese and Kim Bossi-Hertweck as well as paintings exhibited in The Great and Small Art Show, which make perfect stocking stuffers!

O Christmas Tree, Oil, 6x8 in, Patricia Corbett, $160

Gourd, Watercolor-6x6 in, Aleta Gudelski $150

Meadow at Laudholm's Farm, Tempura-3.5x5 in, Frederick Brush, $350

If you're looking for something that sparkles, select a piece of jewelry from our beautiful collection or a glass tree, a seasonal favorite created by Carol Dunn!

Green Onyx Necklace $285; Green Onyx Bracelet $168; 24k Vermeil Earrings $44; Vermeil Bracelet $165, Susan Roberts

Glass Tree Sculptures: $25 each, 3 for $70 and 6 for $125, Carol Dunn

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


LBGE is hosting a Trunk Show for jewelry designer Susan Roberts &
artist and handbag designer Rosemary Cotnoir.
Stop by on Saturday, November 27th between 12 and 4 pm
to meet the designers and see an extensive selection of their fantastic creations.
Find gifts for loved ones, friends, and all the lovely ladies in your life!
And, we'll have Cupcakes and Champagne waiting for you!

Left Bank Gallery Essex, LLC is hosting a trunk show for Branford-based jewelry designer Susan Roberts and Essex-based artist and handbag designer Rosemary Cotnoir on Saturday, November 27th from 12 – 4pm. Meet the artists and view an extensive array of their latest collections at this free public event. And find gifts for friends, family, and all the lovely ladies in your life!

Susan Roberts is well known on the Shoreline for her sophisticated bohemian-style jewelry made with fine materials from around the globe including sterling silver, gold vermeil, freshwater pearls and semi-precious stones. Her jewelry is noted for its brilliant colors and combination of contrasting materials and textures. Her Birthstone Collection features necklaces each with a hammered gold ring dangling from a delicate gold chain, embellished with the colors and birthstones associated with each month of the year. November’s necklace includes citrine and blue topaz, the stone of true love and success. Susan will display an assortment of her handmade limited edition earrings, necklaces, bracelets. 

Rosemary Cotnoir is an oil painter and sculptor who has recently launched “Romy Cotnoir Handbags”, a line of cotton and leather handbags inspired by her original paintings. Inspired by the tragic Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill, Rosemary designed a collection of “Weeping Landscape” paintings with handbags to match. Proceeds of sales will be donated to the Barataria-Terrebonne Estuary Fondation in their efforts to clean-up the waters and marshes of the Gulf. Rosemary will display a series of her latest paintings and her art-inspired clutches and purses.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Heather Wang Jewelry

Jewelry designer and RISD graduate, Heather Wang, came by this morning with a new collection of sterling silver and enamel earrings and necklaces. Come in to see all that we have in store!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Great and Small Art Show

Left Bank Gallery Essex, LLC presents a group exhibition of miniature masterpieces by its roster of talented and acclaimed artists from Connecticut and abroad. "The Great and Small Art Show" will showcase nearly 100 delightfully diminutive original paintings, photographs and mixed media pieces measuring 10 x 10 inches or smaller. Viewers will be awed by the large collection of tiny work. Offering an array of small scale and affordable artwork, add to your collection or take home your first piece of original art and support local artists and charities.

Meet the artists at a Holiday Reception and Charity Fundraiser for an evening of art, music, and good spirits on Friday, December 3rd from 6-9pm.

Suggested admission of $10 plus 10% of sales will benefit the American Cancer Society, Child and Family of Southeastern Connecticut and the Connecticut River Museum.

For more information please contact the gallery at 860.767.0449 or visit

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Opening Reception for "Milkin' It" with Rolandas Kiaulevicius

Sunday, October 17th turned out to be an unforgettable event as illustrator Rolandas Kiaulevicius performed scenes from his children's book "Zoolidays" dressed as his favorite character Blue Moose and led a drawing demonstration for all in attendance - children and adults too. Kiaulevicius's exhibition "Milkin' It" features thirteen new watercolors of cows in various guises, and three others from his recent book. Come by the gallery to view his work and his whimsical sense of humor. "Milkin' It" is on view through November 14th.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Coming Soon!

The Great and Small Art Show!
Left Bank Gallery Essex, LLC is planning it's first 'miniature masterpiece' exhibition, featuring delightfully diminutive artwork by 50+ artists from Connecticut and beyond. The exhibition will showcase nearly 100 original paintings, photographs and mixed media pieces measuring 10 x 10 inches or smaller.
Offering an array of small scale affordable work, you will be spoiled for choice. Add to your collection or purchase your very first piece of original art.
Meet the artists at the Holiday Reception and Charity Fundraiser on Friday, December 3rd from 6-9pm for art, music, and good spirits. A suggested entry fee of $10 plus 10% of sales will be donated to local non-profit organizations.
We hope to see you there!

LBGE welcomes Noel Coonce Ewing

Noel Coonce-Ewing is an assemblage artist specializing in Steampunk art. Using found-objects, antique ephemera or modern components, Noel stylistically re-imagines and re-invents technical imagery and mechanical aesthetics from the industrial past. Noel creates shadow boxes along with small sculptural pieces made with vintage musical instrument boxes, fruit crates or plinths and adds to them carious found, re-purposed or handmade objects. Her work combines contrasting textures and surfaces, such as work or aged wood with smooth porcelain or oxidized metal. She describes her creative process as eliciting the same excitement as finding broken objects at an archaeological dig and piecing them back together to discover and rediscover history. A selection of Noel's steampunk designs are now available at LBGE.

LBGE welcomes Carol Dunn

Carol Dunn is an award winning printmaker and photographer, specializing in alternative processes for creating artwork. Techniques include solarplate etchings and printing altered photos on top of collage work or on handmade papers or aluminium. Her work has been exhibited widely and she is a member of numerous art associations in the state. View a selection of recent work - now available at Left Bank Gallery Essex.

LBGE welcomes Karen Loprete

Known for her extensive handwork and color choices, contemporary fiber artist Karen Loprete, creates one-of-a-kind artwork to hang or to hang out with. Using a mix of vintage, moderns and hand-dyed fabrics, beading or applique, Karen layers texture, color, and pattern to create wonderful and imaginative quilted artwork. Stop in to view a selection of Karen's newest creations!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Milkin' It : Rolandas Kiaulevicius at LBGE

Imagination and creativity reign in a new children's illustration exhibition inspired by the fun and fantastic mind of Rolandas Kiaulevicius, on show at LBGE from Oct 14 - Nov 15th. The artist will read from his recently published book, "Zoolidays", and will demonstrate his cartoon-style illustrations at an opening reception and activities workshop on Sunday, october 17th from 2-4pm. Families and children of all ages are invtied to attend.

Born in Lithuania, illustrator, author, folk dancer and fashion designer, Rolandas Kiaulevicius travelled the world before immigrating to the United States in 2001 to further his education and passion for art. Kiaulevicius has a BFA in Art Education from Pedagogical University, Lithuania and an MFA in Illustration from Western Connecticut State University. He currently teaches at Eastern Connecticut State University, New Haven University, Guilford Art Center and Tabor Art School and continues to create paintings, drawings, photography, and sculpture. Kiaulevicius says, "Art for me is a powerful and mysterious companion." His recent exhibition will focus on the theme of cartoon animals and music, with vibrant color, pattern and humor in mind.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Robert Noreika

Painting Demonstration and Sale
Saturday, October 2nd from 1-5pm

Meet award-winning Connecticut artist, Robert Noreika, at a painting demonstration and sale. The artist will set-up his easel, painting local scenes and landscapes and will display an extensive collection of his artwork during this exclusive one-day event. This is a wonderful opportunity to see the artist at work and to learn more about his techniques.
Robert Noreika is a graduate of Paier School of Art and has been a professional artist for 35 years. His paintings hang in corporate and private collections throughout the world, as well as the New Britain Museum of American Art. He is a memner of numerous art associations, including the Connecticut Plein Air Painters Society, Lyme Art Association and the New England Watercolor Society. Noreika's passion for art is matched by a natural talent to pain a wide variety of subjects, from expansive coastlines to intimate woodland pastorals.
Late Afternoon
The Black Seal, Essex

Robert Noreika

Saturday, September 11, 2010

New Jewelry!

A fun and quirky collection of jewelry by Beth Crowell of Wilton Artisans made from reclaimed vintage bottle tops is now in! Pendants, Bracelets, Rings and Cuff Links featuring soft drinks, sodas, and 'adult' beverages including coke, a&w rootbeer, guiness, and many more. These are like candy! Come by to pick your favorite flavor!

Johnny Blais joins LBGE!

Photographer Johnny Blais has just joined LBGE. Blais specializes in landscapes and seascapes. His images are often rich in color with a somber and mysterious feel. His knowledge of design and love of oil painting informs his eye for photography. The artist says, "I strive for my photographs to give the impression of a painting with an emphasis on design and color." Blais' giclee canvas prints are well suited for any home or office. Visit the gallery to view a stunning collection of his latest work.

Patricia Louise Corbett joins LBGE

LBGE is proud to add Patricia Louise Corbett to its roster of artists. Patricia Corbett was born and educated in Los Angles, CA and is the eldest of thirteen children. In college, she studied both art and music, and went on to sing professionally. Her singing career spanned over 40 years in concert, opera and television and allowed her to travel throughout the world. In 1997, after a bout with cancer, Corbett returned to art. Corbett has recieved numerous awards for her work. She is member of the Connecticut Plein Air Painters Society, Lyme Art Association, Mystic Arts Center, among others. A selection of work inspired by the historic and picturesque Merritt Parkway are now on view and available for sale at LBGE.

Julie McMahon Borge joins LBGE!

Now on view at LBGE is new work by oil painter Julie McMahon Borge. Originally from Western, MA Borge now resides in Buck's County, PA with her husband and three children. Borge has painted and created all of her life. Her formal education includes a BA in English and Art History from Boston College and an BFA in Painting from Massachusetts College of Art and Design. In 1995, a benign brain tumor caused Borge to lose the sight in her right eye and forced her to take a break from painting until recently. She returned to painting with a developed, loose and minimal style. She is able to create representational forms with limited and edited strokes, highlighting her mastery of oil and palette knife.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Natural Colors: Melissa Imossi & Iacopo Pasquinelli

Left Bank Gallery Essex, LLC presents a joint exhibition, "Natural Colors" featuring a series of delicate florals and organic forms by Melissa Imossi and panoramic landscapes for which Iacopo Pasquinelli is best known. Often painting side by side with similar color palettes, both artists maintain in their paintings individual styles and personal touches. Soft and serene, their paintings combine old master techniques with modern sensibility. "Natural Colors" highlights their insight into nature and the beauty of the natural world.
"Natural Colors: Melissa Imossi and Iacopo Pasquinelli" will be on view from September 1st - October 11th, 2010.

Thanks Catherine!

We would like to thank Catherine M. Elliott for coming in Sunday, August 29th for a fantastic demonstration in oil painting. Catherine is a contemporary impressionist whose work is exhibited and collected widely. We were lucky enough to watch her working process, ask questions and to learn more about her rich palette and impressionistic touches!

Please visit Left Bank Gallery Essex to view or purchase her work.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Sister Maria Nace, Poetry Reading & Watercolor Demonstration

As apart of our "Art in the Afternoon" series, Sister Maria Nace joined us on Sunday August 22nd to read excerpts from her book "Poet with a Brush" along with an insightful watercolor demonstration. Join us next Sunday the 29th for a demonstration from contemprary Impressionist Catherine Elliott.