Thursday, June 2, 2011

Gallery says goodbye...

Unfortunately, Left Bank Gallery Essex will be closing its doors at the end of June. We are currently offering special pricing on a wide selection of artwork. Take home that painting you've had your eye on!

Thank you to all of our artists and patrons for their support over the last three years.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

June in Essex


In conjunction with the Essex Potted Garden Tour, LBGE artists will set-up their easels
at the gallery and in town painting florals, landscapes and townscapes.
Watch our artists at work and learn more about their skills and techniques.

Friday, June 3rd from 12-4pm

Saturday, June 4th from 12-4pm

Sunday, June 5th from 12-4pm

And, visit the Essex Art Association on North Main Street for a colorful display, "Rembrandt's Garden".

LBGE Welcomes Susan Fehlinger!

Susan Fehlinger’s paintings depict familiar, yet abstracted settings or themes that compliment most interiors. Her painting style emphasizes an interest in texture and color; and she thickly applies neutral or earth tones with a palette knife to highlight structure, form and shadow. The artist says, “I love playing with color, the shapes and shadows and the freedom of working on large canvases with oil paint and palette knife….” Her compositions play with scale, placement and negative and positive spaces, creating visual interest and an individual sense of light and space.

Visit the gallery to view her latest collection!

LBGE Welcomes Michael Hartwig

Inspired by the art, architecture, and artists of Italy, while studying in Rome oil painter Michael J. Hartwig says he felt “a deep urge to find a way to capture the feeling and experience of those places in pigment and canvas.” Hartwig creates restful compositions of Southern Europe as well as the northeast coast of the United States. Whether painting ancient ruins, sleepy harbors, sun-soaked vineyards, breezy beach dunes, or snowy cityscapes, Hartwig captures the essence of each locale, paying particular care to replicate the natural lighting. Hartwig’s aesthetic style features soft contours, cool palettes, and subtle brushwork. Considering the tranquility of his paintings, Hartwig describes his work as “ethereal” and “meditative.”

Visit the gallery to view his latest collection!

LBGE Welcomes photographer Matthew Cohen

Newport resident, Matthew Cohen is a professional sailor as well as an award winning and internationally recognized nautical/adventure photographer. His subjects include sky, sea, coastline, and sailing vessels. Taking photographs from helicopters and the tops of masts, Cohen uses Canon professional lenses and digital cameras to capture the beauty and ingenuity of sailing vessels. He frequently takes his photographs from extreme angles and uncommon vantage points, abstracting and aestheticizing his subject. As a result, the photographs of common nautical subjects, such as bows, masts, jibes, and rigging, ultimately take on a unique and extraordinary presence.

Visit the gallery to view his latest collection!

LBGE Welcomes Doug AmEnde

Manchester, Connecticut resident Doug AmEnde creates acrylic paintings depicting idyllic New England landscapes. His paintings include scenes of vast cloudy skies, shady forests, flower-filled meadows, pristine beaches, and ponds covered by water lilies. Although AmEnde selects traditional subjects, his techniques are not. He frequently inserts abstract elements in his compositions and employs a unique approach to manipulating paint and producing texture. Each painting is characterized by vibrant, saturated colors and expressive mark-making. Considering the evolution of his work, AmEnde describes his current artistic style to be “a looser, more expressive interpretation of the world around us, using light, shadow, and a unique method of blending color and texture to convey the varied moods of the seasons of New England.” As an artist, AmEnde emphasizes the importance of close observation, particularly of fleeting moments, which he captures in his paintings. The complexity and sophistication of his paintings reflect his dedication to and life-long passion for fine art. AmEnde’s artwork can be found in private collections throughout the United States and abroad.

Visit the gallery to view his latest collection! 

Saturday, April 9, 2011

LBGE welcomes Catherine Raynes

LBGE is happy to announce that New Hampshire based oil painter, Catherine Raynes, has just the gallery. Her work is excecuted to a superior quality and she brilliantly captures light and clean, bright colors. For more information, please click here. Stop in to view her entire collection.

Catherine Raynes - Evening's Arrival - Oil on Canvas - 9 x 12 in.