Wednesday, May 25, 2011

LBGE Welcomes Michael Hartwig

Inspired by the art, architecture, and artists of Italy, while studying in Rome oil painter Michael J. Hartwig says he felt “a deep urge to find a way to capture the feeling and experience of those places in pigment and canvas.” Hartwig creates restful compositions of Southern Europe as well as the northeast coast of the United States. Whether painting ancient ruins, sleepy harbors, sun-soaked vineyards, breezy beach dunes, or snowy cityscapes, Hartwig captures the essence of each locale, paying particular care to replicate the natural lighting. Hartwig’s aesthetic style features soft contours, cool palettes, and subtle brushwork. Considering the tranquility of his paintings, Hartwig describes his work as “ethereal” and “meditative.”

Visit the gallery to view his latest collection!

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