Sunday, December 26, 2010

definition time: encaustic

Encaustic is a beeswax-based paint mixed with pigment and kept molten while painting. The word encaustic comes from the Greek meaning to "burn in" which refers to the process of fusing the paint. This type of painting was used in the 5th century B.C. for weathering boats and coloring marble. Encaustic is the most durable of the artist's paints because the beeswax is impervious to moisture. As a result, it will not deteriorate, yellow or darken and it can be polished to a high gloss for a brilliant surface. The beauty and the difficultly in the paint is found in its immediate drying time. Because it cools immediately, the gesture and brush strokes are captured. "Encaustic" was first made popular in the contemporary art world by the famous, American, pop artist, Jasper Johns.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Shape / Space : New Work by Lois Weingarten

Left Bank Gallery Essex, LLC presents “Shape/Space : New Work by Lois Weingarten” featuring a series of womanly figures and urban environments derived from the artist’s imagination and her exaggerated memories of reality. This new exhibition includes a selection of paintings and works on paper that articulate Weingarten’s gestural and graphic painting style. The artist’s interest lays in the creation of shapes and spaces via her use and application of bold color, thick line, and a loose and organic sense of movement. Weingarten’s exhibition will inspire interest in both her subject matter and her technique. The artist says that she interprets, “the interplay of line, shape and space,” in order to create, “depth, motion, mood, and illusion.”

“Shape/Space : New Work by Lois Weingarten” will be on view at Left Bank Gallery Essex from Thursday, January 6th through Sunday, February 6th, 2011.

Meet the artist at the opening reception on Sunday, January 16th from 2-4pm. .

Lois Weingarten : The Kiss

Lois Weingarten : Multicolored Doors

Lois Weingarten : Fruit Bowl


Monday, December 20, 2010

Jewelry by Tracye Chin Mueller, Beth Crowell, Heather Wang and Susan Roberts

Come by and browse our diverse collection of jewelry made by talented designers!

Tracye Chin Mueller: Argentium and Sterling Silver Bracelet $159; Argentium Silver Earrings $52; Fine and Sterling Silver Earrings with Pearls $49

Beth Crowell: Bracelet $125; Rings $40 each; Cufflinks $40

Heather Wang: Fine and Sterling Silver and White Enamel Necklace $160; Fine and Sterling Silver and Blue Enamel Necklace $120; Copper, Sterling Silver and Enamel Earrings $80; Sterling Silver Earrings $50

Susan Roberts: Yellow Chalcedony Necklace $120; Gold Topaz and Smokey Quartz Necklace $210

New Paintings by Donna Zieky

Golden Beach XIII, acrylic on glass, 8x10 in, $125

Come see Donna Zieky's new paintings in which she depicts the natural world. Using vibrant color and impasto, she describes both the rolling waves of the ocean and the flutter of delicate butterfly wings.

Three Blue, acrylic on glass, 5x5 in, $65

Monday, December 13, 2010

Stop By and Finish Your Christmas Shopping!

Clouds, Oil, 8x36 in, Kim Bossi-Hertweck, $495

Choose from a wide selection of artwork, including new paintings by Pam Carlson, Samantha Listorti, Bruce Bickford, Patricia Corbett, Gigi Genovese and Kim Bossi-Hertweck as well as paintings exhibited in The Great and Small Art Show, which make perfect stocking stuffers!

O Christmas Tree, Oil, 6x8 in, Patricia Corbett, $160

Gourd, Watercolor-6x6 in, Aleta Gudelski $150

Meadow at Laudholm's Farm, Tempura-3.5x5 in, Frederick Brush, $350

If you're looking for something that sparkles, select a piece of jewelry from our beautiful collection or a glass tree, a seasonal favorite created by Carol Dunn!

Green Onyx Necklace $285; Green Onyx Bracelet $168; 24k Vermeil Earrings $44; Vermeil Bracelet $165, Susan Roberts

Glass Tree Sculptures: $25 each, 3 for $70 and 6 for $125, Carol Dunn