Monday, January 11, 2010

Happy New Year

Greetings! Well, here we are, just over the thresh hold of 2010. Everyone at LBGE greets the new year with the anticipation of lots of wonderful things to come in the world of art and beyond. Laurie & Rob McGinley are now the "sole-owners" of LBGE, as Corinne has moved on to pursue other interests. While we wish her well, we fully expect that this change will streamline our communications and processes at the gallery. We are excited, thrilled or shall we say "over the moon" to announce that we have a full-time Gallery Director and her name is Amanda Bahram. Amanda is incredibly insightful about visual arts, witty, creative and organized- a real asset to our gallery and to all of our amazing artists and clients. Amanda worked at LBGE part time when we first opened and has since become a happily married lady...Congratulations to you Amanda, and welcome!!!

The 2010 calendar for LBGE is impressive and our featured artists will delight both our clients and community. At current, Iconic Obsessions by Karl Soderlund is the featured exhibition. The show consists of BIG portraits of icons of the silver screen, science and music. BIG does not just describe the size of these works (over 7 feet high) but also the impact, detail and quality. Truly a must see. I have described this show as fun and our visitors agree.

Please stop by the gallery and say hello.

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